Agrilogx is a division of Asiapro Cooperative. It offers a complete solution package involving land canvassing, negotiation, land preparation, growing materials acquisition, farm management, processing and marketing. Its activities include fertility planning, crop planning, weed control management, disease management planning, insect management planning, farm logistics, planning and execution, sales and marketing, and nutrient management.

Starting with a 15-hectare banana plantation, Agrilogx’s “KAGAWANI FARM 1” in Capalong, Panabo, Davao City is a true showcase of Asiapro’s know-how in land preparation and farm management. The plantation is efficiently operating and run by Jose Diaz, who was Senior Manager at Del Monte Phils. Inc.. Mr. Diaz worked at DMPI for over 30 years before joining Asiapro.

Two years ago, Asiapro made a substantial investment, a buy-in of 50% of the shares of Memphis Trucking, a logistics company owned and operated by Reggie Llaguno, the company’s general manager and holder of the remaining 50% of the firm.

Drivers, individual contractors and maintenance staff are members of Asiapro Cooperative, consequently adding value to the membership expansion campaign of the Cooperative enterprise.

Currently with 47 trucks and Fresh Choice as one of its major clients, Memphis Trucking delivers fruits and vegetables from the depot to a number of leading supermarkets. Although its activities concentrate foremost in the transport of depot-to-market fruits and vegetables, it also embarks on logistical support to transport garments and semi-conductors within Metro Manila, Cavite, Bulacan areas.

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